VanGreven originates from the name Greven. This family has already more than 50 years of experience, with two generations active in the diamond business. Experience in both the industry diamonds, as the diamonds that make people sparkle in special jewellery.

We want to be the best in the world to fit the needs of the customers to look at the desire, and purposes of the purchase of diamonds. With this all we want our customers to shine and to thrive in their journey towards a great sparkle in life. We are only specialised in diamonds and provide diamonds combined with different services. vanGreven - Diamonds - Services - Investment - Examples - Contact.


A diamond is a part of passion, it can reflect love, and many other special moments. At the same time it is also a very highly apreciated instrument for investment, as some diamonds are rare and can increase in value. It is also valuable in industry for all its amazing strong and conducting properties.

Diamonds come in many forms the most famous form / also called cut is the brilliant cut. The diamond are also available in all colours of the rainbow with some more rare than others with as most expensive colours the blue and red. At the same time the diamonds can be classified in how pure they are, and how much dots they have inside or not. This is measured in clarity, this varies from I3 towards Flawles. And the last part of the diamond is the size/ weight of the diamond which is measured in carat. The caret size varies from microscopic to the now known biggest diamond the cullinan with 3106 carat which is 621.35 grams.

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With VanGreven we want you to feel the diamond experience in a different way, we want you to experience the complete journey of the diamond based solely of the diamond.We could see this as a fresh splash of diamond vision. We provide loose diamonds with the following services:

Purposed based diamond consultancy
Depending on the purpose of diamonds and desires, we can look at the type of diamond that suits best in each situation. An investor might want a different portfolio of diamond than someone who wants to make an artpiece. An organisation that wants to give a relational gift might have other needs than a couple that want weddingrings with a diamond.

Network of designers
With this network we will provide the service to continue the journey of the diamond by connecting to designers that can create a memorable piece of art together with diamonds. Looking at the design needs of the customer connecting them to the possible best solution of designers.
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Investment in diamond is enjoying a beautiful sparkle with a steady value. This value can fluctuate based on the market desires and propositions. This indicatesit can also provide a big profit.
Investing in diamonds is like playing a game of chess, mastery of the game makes it possible to play the game in a very good way until the end. With a result that depends on the own participation and insights. If desired this investment can always be set in a piece of art. Based on the desires on the jewel we can propose a set of designers.

vanGreven - Diamonds - Services - Investment - Examples - Contact.